Monday, March 4, 2013

Where in the world is BELLADONNA??

We have a winner!!

But first, I am super-duper excited to share with you the beauty of Wings Wildlife Park in Gunns Plains, Tasmania. And let me just say that I had to stop in the middle of writing this post and reflect on how monumentally cool it is that little old me has been to Tasmania. 

I grew up as a "free lunch" kid whose dad was perpetually underemployed and whose mom juggled jobs in retail and fast food. I never hopped a plane until a high school friend invited me to go to Universal Studios with her. I never left the country until after I graduated from college. I've been to about 30 countries now and I did the bulk of my traveling while working in a restaurant making 10 dollars an hour. You can do anything you want, okay? You can have All the Things, no matter where you are right now or where you came from. So if you want to write a book or go to Tazmania or do any other thing that people might tell you is impossible, I'm telling you right now, they're wrong. You rule. The whole world is waiting for you...

Welcome to WINGS WILDLIFE PARK!!! hiding place of Belladonna!

Get up close and personal with the locals

Or, you know, just kick back and rest for a bit.

Or make a new friend.

Maybe you'll even fall in love.

Congrats to my WINNER Sara from Forever 17 Books who located Bella inside the Tasmanian devil enclosure at Wings. You'll be receiving an autographed ARC of BELLADONNA, an autographed hardcover of FIRST KILL, the first book in Heather Brewer's Slayer Chronicles, and an assortment of other delicious stuff.

Randomly selected winner of a $15.00 e-card to is Karibbean Island.

Both winners, please email me at the address listed under the 'Contact me' tab.

Thanks to everybody for playing!! You've revealed a wealth of amazing destinations I just might have to visit someday. Happy reading, writing, and traveling. No worries if Tanzania is currently outside of your budget. There's always tomorrow, and in the meantime magical places are probably lurking right outside your door. I hope they find you.


  1. LOL. Is this the longest round yet? XD


  2. *falls over dead* That was SUPER tough! Hubby mentioned wings for red bull but I didn't put it together until I was googling the city name. *bows down to your awesomeness* Also, I want to hold a koala!


    1. You can only pose next to the koala and gently pet him because apparently they can be mean (and they have those wolverine claws!)

      That's a snuggly wombat being held. Wombats need lots of cuddles or they get depressed :)

    2. Next time I shall not scroll so quickly to find the winner. lol

  3. That was so stressful LOL!!! I had fun though I'm soooo gonna win next time :P Good job Sara!! :D

  4. Bummed that I missed the clue 6 & 7 action. That's the downside to living in a different time zone I guess. Can't wait for the next one. You've got me thinking about going to Tasmania now.

    Congrats Sara!


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