Monday, March 4, 2013

Where in the World is BELLADONNA?? Clue #6

Oh weary and valiant explorers:

The ninjas are tricky
They'll come from the east
But there's nothing to fear
Bella's guarded by this beast.

Believe it or not, this picture has not been edited ;)


  1. A tasmanian devil has it at Tasmanian Devil Conservation Centre at Taronga's Conservation in Sydney, Australia?

  2. Port Arthur Ghost Tours Port Arthur Historic Site, Arthur Highway, Port Arthur, Tasmania, Australia???
    lisa dot x0x at hotmail dot com

    1. Shes in Hastings Caves, Hastings, Tasmania, Australia

  3. A tasmanian devil has it at Trowunna Wildlife Park in Mole Creek, Tasmania? I don't know! lol

  4. Is Bella by the light in The Iron Pot Lighthouse in Bull Bay, Tasmania, Australia?

  5. Bella is chillin in a kayak on the Freycinet Peninsula in Eastern Tasmanina

  6. Bicheno Tasmania Australia with the penguins

    jessica dot roufaeil @hotmail dot com

  7. Snuggling next to penguins at bruny island in tasmanis ?!?!?!

    Twitter :: @Maieshaa

  8. A Tasmanian devil is guarding Bella in his exhibit at the Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary at Hobart, Tasmania, Australia?


  9. Bella is leaning up against the espresso machine of the snack bar at the tasmanian devil conservation park in Taranna, Tasmania, Australia


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