Friday, March 1, 2013

Where in the world is BELLADONNA??

As you may or may not have heard, an ARC ofVENOM was stolen by post office ninjas during Apocalypsie to Apocalypsie transit last year. (No Apocalypsies were injured during this crime). 

As a traveling type of chick and all-around international woman of mystery, I decided to safeguard the rest of my ARCs by hiding them in exotic, hard-to-reach places.

Only strong-willed, pure of heart, sound of mind, intrepid explorers will be able to locate these rare tomes. (Or, you know, if you're good at googling that might help too).

The logistics:

1. I post clues to the location of the ARC on the blog at random times. The clues will be released in the evenings or anytime on the weekend (where I live--sorry I can't make that happen for the whole world) so as not to put teen readers at a disadvantage while they're in school. This is me being nice. Do not send me a thousand emails about when you have cello practice or soccer games and hey can I please work around all that. Answer: No. Life's about priorities. Choose wisely :)

2. You figure out the location from the clues. You must be specific.BELLADONNA is in Chicago--NO. BELLADONNA is at Wrigley Field--NO. BELLADONNA is leaning against second base at Wrigley Field--YES. Got it?
3. You post your guesses in the comments beneath the latest clue.
4. Each intrepid explorer (that’s you) can guess a max of twice per clue. Once a new clue is released, you can't go back and guess on the old clues. 
5. If your guess is super-duper-close but not quite there I won’t post it. Instead I will email or DM you on twitter (meaning you'd better post your preferred method of contact with your first guess) to give you one shot to be a teensy bit more specific.
6. If somebody else guesses the exact location before I get a hold of you, they win.
7. To win you just have to guess the location. Note: You guys were SO good at this last time that I have tried to make my clues harder this time. The hiding place is in a country I have actually visited--that's a bonus clue for reading all the instructions, but no, you cannot guess on this post.
8. Once again, you don’t have to follow the blog to play, but I will be posting clues at random times so blog followers will probably have an advantage.
9. I am law. This ain't nursing school. You don't get to debate with me about the answers. Sorry ;)

10. Questions? Put them in the comments. The first clue will be posted sometime on March 1st. Good luck!

The fine print:
Can international people play?
What if the post office ninjas steal this book too?
The best I can do is priority mail with delivery confirmation or 1st class overseas. If the ninjas still prevail (they seem to have a grudge against me) I'll pre-order you a copy of the BELLADONNA hardcover.
So what do I win?
Because the fearless assistants and I know you have a choice when it comes to blog contests, we have packed Ms. BELLA alongside a swagorific, stunning array of other tempting goodies, but we're not telling you what they are. That's right. You win a signed ARC of BELLADONNA, and...mysterious other stuff :) I am also going to award a $15.00 US e-gift-card to to one random contestant.


  1. Ooh, yay! A chance for Belladonna! You can bet I'll be all over this one :)

  2. Do we get an email when the last clue pops up??

    1. I will give you clues until the end of time if you need them. No worries :)


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