Saturday, February 2, 2013

Status update and readalong wrap-up

Some Things, list-style

1. Thanks to Nikki and Annabelle for running the Venom Readalong and thanks to everyone who read, posted, tweeted, etc. I checked out some of your answers and found them to be thoughtful and insightful. In some cases I think you guys gave me too much credit, but I'll take it :) *puts credit in jar* *shakes jar* *smiles*

2. Congrats to the Readalong winners! Anyone who is not a winner can still get signed Belladonna bookmarks. Just email me and put 'Gimme bookmarks' as the subject so your email won't get lost. If your email is SmittenKitten1234@gmail and you want the envelope addressed to something other than Smitten Kitten, don't forget to include your real name. If you are international, don't forget to add your country. If I owe you bookmarks already I will be sending them soon.

3. My edit letter is arriving Monday so I will be going into the Revision Cave for Venom #3. Yes, the Superbowl will be my Last. Free. Moment. And by free I mean I have to write a ten-page paper on Sunday. *cries* Then I will be doing full-time school/full-time work with a side of Breathless tour. So if you tweet at me or email me please be patient. I will eventually respond. (And if I don't it's because your tweet got lost in the madness--so tweet again, preferably in March :D).

4. Breathless Reads Tour--you should go to that if you can :) I would say I'll blog about it, but I've heard there may not be time for eating or sleeping, let alone blogging. (Hey, it kind of sounds like nursing, except ideally no one will vomit on me). Maybe I can slap a pic or two up on my FB. No promises ;)

5. BREATHLESS READS TWITTER CHAT!! Can't make the tour? No problem! Bring your burning questions for the 2012 BR authors to our twitter chat. Feb 5th, 5:30pm Eastern time.

6. It feels like I'm forgetting something. If I'm forgetting something, email me and let me know, okay? :)

Oh wait! I remember. If I survive the tour, after I get home I will be giving away a couple ARCs of this:

Check back March 1st for more details! See you then!

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  1. Fiona, I MUST get an ARC of BELLADONNA omg. <3 I can't wait to see you on the 15th!


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