Saturday, January 26, 2013

Breathless Reads tour--East Side style

You've probably heard by now that Penguin Teen is running two Breathless Reads tours--one on each side of the country. Sucks to be in the middle. Trust me, I know. I live in the middle. So if you live in the middle and are sad you can't come, I feel for you. Hey, maybe you live close enough that you can come to St. Louis Comic Con! I will be hanging out with the good people from Left Bank Books. Also Inara from Firefly will be there. And Stan Lee. If that isn't motivation to don your craziest comic costume and hop in the car, I don't know what is.
Okay, back to the Breathlessness: If you live in any of the places listed below, you should totally come hang out. So far I only know about one of them charging a fee, but you get to use that fee toward the purchase of a book :) Buying books is awesome, but if you can't buy books I still want to meet you so don't be shy. If you come and just say hi I will feel less uncomfortable sitting alone at my table while NYT bestseller Beth Revis signs eleventy-million autographs :) *fidgets* *organizes pens* *checks phone for fiftieth time* 
Seriously, come come come to the tour because I have talked endlessly online with most of these gals and they are all teh awesome. (FYI, according to Urban Dictionary 'teh awesome' is often used by internet geeks. Well, if the sparkly pink Converse fits...
Breathless Reads Tour 2013 EAST COAST LEG FEATURING:
  • Fiona Paul (Venom)
  • Beth Revis (Shades of Earth)
  • Morgan Rhodes (Falling Kingdoms)
  • Elizabeth Richards (Black City)
  • Jess Spotswood (Born Wicked)
  • Lili Peloquin (The Innocents) (NYC & Boston events only)
Sunday, February 10th – BOSTON
Wellesley Books 2pm
82 Central Street, Wellesley, MA 02482
Monday, February 11th – CHAPEL HILL
Flyleaf Books, 7pm
752 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, Chapel Hill, NC 27514
Tuesday, February 12th – GREENVILLE, SC
Fiction Addiction, 6:30pm

1175 Woods Crossing Road #5, Greenville, SC 29607

Wednesday, February 13th – MIAMI
Books & Books 7pm

265 Aragon Avenue, Coral Gables, FL 33134

Thursday, February 14th - MEMPHIS

The Booksellers at Laurelwood 6pm

387 Perkins Road Extended, Memphis, TN 38117

Friday, February 15th – NEW YORK
Books of Wonder, 6pm

18 West 18th Street, New York, NY

Saturday, February 16th – MADISON
RJ Julia Booksellers 6pm

768 Boston Post Rd., Madison, CT 06443

***These are the latest times I was given, but stuff like this sometimes changes so your best bet is to call or email the store to verify the time and place. 

P. S. I can't wait to meet you :)


    1. I sooo sooo wish a breathless reads tour was coming here, but at least we get a comic con! I'll definitely be there! I just need to figure out what the heck I'm dressing up as. Oh dilemmas ;)

      1. I might have to wear my fave teefury shirt, the one with the skull and crossbones made of overlapping kittens!

      2. awesome! I'm still not sure if I want to wear geeky rocket scientist shirts or dress up as one of my favorite sci fi characters. Maybe I shall do both... one for the first day and another for the second....

    2. JEALOUSY. But I shall meet you SOMEDAY. And I bet you'll have tons to sign! :D

      1. did meet me already ;) #IsApparentlyForgettable

      2. BUT LIKE. THAT DOESNT COUNT. That was for about 5 minutes where I was fumbling and I didn't even know if we just reach out and GRAB swag and and and...yeah. ;P It was an awkward day.

        Though I did somehow get an ARC of Venom! #accomplishment

      3. Ah, right. I also did not know anything! I just sat there next to Lauren Morrill and tried to look authorly while people lined up to talk to superstars like Barry Lyga. Man, I love I HUNT KILLERS.

      4. LOL. In all honesty the only book I knew about was Venom before I researched all of y'all! And lol I'm freaked out about murderers so I had to stay away. ;P


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