Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Where in the World is VENOM?? Winners!!

Congrats to my winners!

1st place: Monica from Cover Analysis. Props to you and your crazy google voodoo!!

2nd place: Sara from Forever 17 Books

3rd place: Jenna from Making the Grade.

Can I just say all of your websites are awesome and make me feel totally inadequate? But no worries, because I'm thinking about a new website myself. January sounds like a good time for that :) Just think, by then I will be finished with all three Secrets of the Eternal Rose books and at least one of my contemporary novels! It sounds almost like caught-up-ness, but I'll find some other way to get behind, I'm sure.

But enough about me:

So the reason Thai words all appear to have a kajillion letters is because each symbol is a syllable (similar to Korean) but they only use spaces at the end of each sentence. Canyouimaginethat? Itwouldbelikespeakingintwitterhashtag. #WhichIKindaLikeNowThatIThinkAboutIt

Cool, eh? Like a mini-Angkor Wat without the expensive visa, entry fees, mandatory guide, and possible risk of malaria. My sister and I went a few years ago and our 'guestroom' cost us 5 bucks a night.

Pretty, pretty Wat Mahatat

Looking across the pond from Wat Sa Si to Wat Mahatat.

Finally, Wat Sa Si (sometimes spelled Sra Sri)--nestled safely within the walls of Sukothai Historic park, on an island in the middle of a lotus pond. What's more ninja-proof than a gorgeous Buddha?

As always, the assistants (one of whom is being a royal butthead right now) and I know you have a choice when it comes to blog contests so we thank you for choosing Fiona Paul Books :)

Remember, email me, subject 'Gimme bookmarks' if you want signed Venom bookmarks. I'll be mailing prizes...*consults revision to-do list* *cries a little*...soon...ish, so get your bookmark requests in to me in the next day or two because I hate the post office even more than I hate the dentist so I don't wanna go twice.



  1. I like that ..."google voodoo" :) Wait, you actually went there? Cool!

    Fiona, can I ask for a favor? You think you could put together another scavenger hunt together just for fun sometime? I really got into it Clue 3 I just needed to solve it!

    Haha, congratulations to Sara and Jenna! I already check out Jenna's blog practically all the time. :)

  2. Thank you! It was a lot of fun! My husband was sad he was only around for the first clue. LOL He enjoys this as well. Congrats to Monica and Jenna too! :)

    (Do I email you my address?)

  3. Yesss. Email addresses from both of you please :)

    And Monica, I will have galleys of BELLADONNA to give away eventually and who knows what other goodies so I'd say more scavenger hunts are likely.

    Next time I may play 20 questions and let you guys ask 5 yes or no questions a day about the location. That could be fun :)

    1. *headdesk* I mean MAILING addresses.

      Sorry. I'm suffering from revision delirium again. I seriously sent my agent an email today and wrote 'no' when I meant 'know.'

    2. BELLADONNA is already written? You work fast! :) I am doing those scavenger hunts! I had so much fun (I'm being redundant, aren't I?) Aw man ...I suck at 20 questions. *le sigh* And sure can do! Will do now.

    3. Reading this I'm very happy. :D these are so fun and I can't wait until we're looking for Belladonna instead of Venom. ;)

  4. OOOh gorgeous cover!Can't wait to read this! :D

  5. Fiona, I'm not sure if you're aware but there are currently 4 Venom ARCs listed on Ebay (most likely from sellers who went to BEA for the purpose of snagging arcs so that they can sell them on Ebay).

    Also, a bit late, but congrats to the winners of the scavenger hunt!!! :)

    1. Thanks States. I do know. I actually sent SEVEN people (yes, Ebay ARC hawkers--it was really me) an email earlier in the week like "Hi. Just wanted to be sure you knew that selling ARCs clearly marked NOT FOR SALE is a violation of ebay policy." To their credit, all seven of them responded to me. To my lack of credit, by that time I was still buried in revisions and stressed and kind of over it, like que sera sera, so I didn't read their responses. No sense getting upset over things I can't change.

      I doubt Philomel legal would pull out the big guns for a handful of illegally hawked ARCs, and for me to personally complain I would have to get the book developer involved and we would have to fill out these long forms through the Ebay VERO program about intellectural property and copyright infringement and wait for a response and by that time the ARCs would be sold. In the meantime, I would lose hours of writing time.

      I just wanted them to know that what they were doing was wrong, and that I knew they were doing it, and that if they were going to do it despite those two facts that they ought to at least consider donating part of their ill-gotten gains to charity.

      Thanks for the heads-up though. At some point I plan to blog about exactly how selling ARCs and illegal downloading hurts authors (and it isn't just about the money.)


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