Saturday, June 9, 2012

Where in the World is VENOM?? Clue #1

Wait. Huh? How do I play Where in the World is VENOM??

Clue #1

The ARCS are located north of:

But south of:

Remember, you can guess up to twice on each clue, but you don't have to guess if you'd rather wait for more info.


  1. Even though its a bit too early to tell and there's tons of options I'm going to throw out a wild guess

    On top of the great pyramid of giza.

    twitter: spacecadet570

  2. I'll just ballpark this because it's fun.

    At the Venetian Hotel and Casino, riding in one of the Indoor Gondolas underneath a tourist couple cuddling together in Las Vegas, Nevada, The United States.

    Goodreads Liz Moyer
    (message through GR--we're friends :) )

  3. Even though this is ball parking it....

    Underneath a cuddling couple on a Gondola at the Venetian Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada The United States

    Liz Moyer Goodreads (message we're friends :))

  4. I know the location of the first picture, but I have no clue with the second one. So... I'm just going to guess a country.

    My guess for clue #1: Ecuador


  5. Yay! I love that people are guessing already :) You can't win if you don't guess, right?

  6. I always knew I should've studied more geography...

    Random guess:
    Somewhere in eurosia. O.O I'm bad at this
    My friend desperately wants a copy...and yet has no idea how to do giveaway stuff. -_-

  7. By an chance El Descanso?

  8. I found the picture of the castle...but the ruins...-_-

  9. Oh sheeseh! wow this is tricky but looks like fun. And for Venom...SO worth it. Haha.

    Okay I'm gonna say because it's all about the guessing... In the gorgeous castle at Disneyland on the Princess's bedside table.

    Yeah that's really realistic right?

    Okay, on a super-duper handmade gorgeous wooden table in the middle of a King's Castle in Spain.

    I'm so good at this! ;)


  10. Okay I found where the Ruins are but not the castle. I'm gonna keep looking for more "clues" because this doesn't help super much. So fun!

  11. Let me start again! haha. I know those pictures. The arcs are found in the north of Machu Picchu and south of Bran castle? Am I right? Then those two places can be found in Peru and Romania respectively. So the venom is possibly in a country between Peru and Romania. Does it make sense?

  12. Oh bad. My twitter name: @Lezean29

  13. I have it. Wat Sa Si, Sukhothai Historical Park in Sukhothai, Thailand! (By the Buddha)



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