Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I am Breathless!

I am breathless with shock at being chosen alongside Jessica Khoury's ORIGIN and Lili Peloquin's THE INNOCENTS to be part of the Penguin Teen Fall 2012 Breathless Reads campaign.

And I am breathless with anticipation (and fear!) at the idea of getting to meet writers, bloggers, twitter friends, and awesome reader people like YOU.

But mostly, I am honored. Thank you Penguin Teen :)

And now I'm so giddy and giggly and shaky that I can't even type anymore, so for more about what leaves me breathless, check out the amazingly talented Lauren Oliver's blog. And then head on over to the Breathless Reads sampler to read the beginning of VENOM!!!


  1. OMFG! YOUR ON THE BREATHLESS TOUR!! I NEED TO SEE YOU! :D :D :D OMG! *runs off to read Venom beginning*

  2. Oh, wait, I forgot to say CONGRATULATIONS! :D :D :D * throws confetti*

  3. YAY!!!! This is so AWESOME! All I have to say is I'm DYING to read Venom! Like seriously! :D The cover's amazing and I'm so going to go see you on tour!!! YAY for Breathless! Can't wait for Venom!

  4. Thanks Monica and Inky :) I hope there's a tour and that I get buried in fun, Breathless swag that I can swoon over and then share with blog readers

    Hmm, Inky, you seem so familiar to me...


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