Saturday, June 23, 2012

BEA in pictures

Pre-BEA, I was so excited at the thought of blogging about it. I was going to title the post BEA-utiful, like Jim Carey said in Bruce Almighty (which I thought was kind of a cute movie.)

And then I got there and it was more like BEA-OMG-WTF? But a few people had asked for pictures so--better late than never--here they are:

My first view of BEA. Kind of like my high school gym on crack. What's up with the 100-foot ceilings? Do the Javits people build battleships in between conferences?

So this is what 90% of BEA looks like: Booths, suits, and people wandering everywhere.

Okay, so maybe there were a couple unusual sightings. (Non-globetrotter is a normal-sized man.)

What are these people camping out for? Free money? A spot on that apocalypse arc in the movie 2012? Nope, this is where you stand in long lines for autographed galleys and hope they don't run out before they get to you. Spoiler: they probably will. The only line I even considered was for Libba Bray's The Diviners (actually an in-booth line if you can imagine that madness) and I'm pretty sure that line would have went fifty blocks to Central Park if the organizers had let it. All I can say is: you guys want autographed galleys waaaaaay more than I do.

I stalked the Penguin booth for hours trying to get a clear shot of this Breathless Reads display, but no, everyone loves Penguin. They were so packed up from dawn (that's 11am in Fiona-speak) to dusk that I didn't even get to talk to them until the end of the second day.

BEA isn't just about the USA. There were really big display booths for Russia and Spain, and smaller sections from other countries. (I have no idea who the dude with the pointy nose is. Do you?)

So, despite the chaos, I enjoyed BEA because I got to meet lots of Apocalypsies and book bloggers. But my second favorite part of my trip to NYC was this amazing show at the Union Square Theatre. If you go to BEA, or anything in NYC, I highly recommend it. Photo from the webpage, taken by Michael Meseke.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Where in the World is VENOM?? Winners!!

Congrats to my winners!

1st place: Monica from Cover Analysis. Props to you and your crazy google voodoo!!

2nd place: Sara from Forever 17 Books

3rd place: Jenna from Making the Grade.

Can I just say all of your websites are awesome and make me feel totally inadequate? But no worries, because I'm thinking about a new website myself. January sounds like a good time for that :) Just think, by then I will be finished with all three Secrets of the Eternal Rose books and at least one of my contemporary novels! It sounds almost like caught-up-ness, but I'll find some other way to get behind, I'm sure.

But enough about me:

So the reason Thai words all appear to have a kajillion letters is because each symbol is a syllable (similar to Korean) but they only use spaces at the end of each sentence. Canyouimaginethat? Itwouldbelikespeakingintwitterhashtag. #WhichIKindaLikeNowThatIThinkAboutIt

Cool, eh? Like a mini-Angkor Wat without the expensive visa, entry fees, mandatory guide, and possible risk of malaria. My sister and I went a few years ago and our 'guestroom' cost us 5 bucks a night.

Pretty, pretty Wat Mahatat

Looking across the pond from Wat Sa Si to Wat Mahatat.

Finally, Wat Sa Si (sometimes spelled Sra Sri)--nestled safely within the walls of Sukothai Historic park, on an island in the middle of a lotus pond. What's more ninja-proof than a gorgeous Buddha?

As always, the assistants (one of whom is being a royal butthead right now) and I know you have a choice when it comes to blog contests so we thank you for choosing Fiona Paul Books :)

Remember, email me, subject 'Gimme bookmarks' if you want signed Venom bookmarks. I'll be mailing prizes...*consults revision to-do list* *cries a little*...soon...ish, so get your bookmark requests in to me in the next day or two because I hate the post office even more than I hate the dentist so I don't wanna go twice.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Where in the World is VENOM?? Clue #5

For info on how to play, click here.

Clue #5:

Sorry, that last map kinda sucked. How about this one? (I swear there is a bridge in there, and other bridges nearby--I just had to zap some of them when I was erasing the names.)

Also, just for clarification. The only reason I am parting with my St. Louis ARCs is because I have other copies of SOULBOUND and ELEMENTAL for me :) I love both of those books and so will you if you win them!

OMG, don't you want to visit this awesome place??

Where in the World is VENOM?? Clue #4

X marks the spot!

If you still don't know how to play, click here.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Where in the World is VENOM?? Clue #3

For info on how to play Where in the World is VENOM?? click here.

Clue #3:

In 1980, a dead guy named Jello took a 'vacation' to the country next door.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Where in the World is VENOM?? Clue #2

For info on how to play, click here.

Clue #2:

Bridges and bells and Buddhas, oh my!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Where in the World is VENOM?? Clue #1

Wait. Huh? How do I play Where in the World is VENOM??

Clue #1

The ARCS are located north of:

But south of:

Remember, you can guess up to twice on each clue, but you don't have to guess if you'd rather wait for more info.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Where in the World is VENOM?? Part II

As you may or may not have heard, an ARC of VENOM was stolen by post office ninjas during Apocalypsie to Apocalypsie transit a few months ago. (No Apocalypsies were injured during this crime.)

As a traveling type of chick and all-around international woman of mystery, I decided to safeguard the rest of my dwindling ARC supply by hiding them in an exotic, hard-to-reach place.

Only strong-willed, pure of heart, sound of mind, intrepid explorers will be able to locate these rare tomes. (Or, you know, if you're good at googling you might find them too.)

The logistics:
1. I post clues to the location of the ARCs at random times. First clue will be posted on Saturday 6/9.
2. You figure out the location from the clues. You must be specific. VENOM is in Chicago--NO. VENOM is at Wrigley Field--NO. VENOM is leaning against second base at Wrigley Field--YES. Got it?
3. You post your guesses in the comments beneath the latest clue.
4. Each intrepid explorer (that’s you) can guess a max of twice per clue.
5. If your guess is super-duper-close but not quite there I won’t post it. Instead I will email or DM you on twitter (meaning you'd better post your preferred method of contact with your first guess) to give you one shot to be a teensy bit more specific.
6. If somebody else guesses the exact location before I get a hold of you, they win.
7. To win you just have to guess the location. Note: You guys were SO good at this last time that I have picked a much more obscure (but still totally awesome) hiding place. There will be THREE winners this time. Also, everyone who enters and sends a mailing address to my fionapaulbooks at gmail email with the subject: 'Gimme bookmarks' will receive an autographed bookmark or two.
8. Once again, you don’t have to follow the blog to play, but I will be posting clues at completely random times and if you know me at all, you know that I am awake at all hours of the day. Blog followers will probably have an advantage.

The fine print:
Can international people play?
What if the post office ninjas steal these copies too?
The best I can do is priority mail with insurance and delivery confirmation. If the ninjas still prevail (they seem to have a grudge against me) I'll send another prize pack, but it might not be exactly the same.

Ooh, prize packs. Tell me about them!
Because the fearless assistants and I know you have a choice when it comes to blog contests, we have packed Ms. VENOM alongside a swagorific, stunning array of other tempting goodies.

First prize: The Primo-deluxo-mother-of-all-prizes consists of a Penguin Breathless Reads slipcase with all five Fall 2012 Breathless Reads galleys, a Hunger Games mockingjay pin, a super-sexy Gale Hawthorne bookmark (sorry, if you're Team Doughboy you'll just have to give it away to someone with better taste), a teefury sticker pack, a fun Wonder Woman totebag and a sprinkling of surprise BEA-gathered Apocalypsies swag. Also, there may be chocolate...unless I get hungry.

Yes, I am using Jess Khoury's slipcase pic again. Thanks Jess!

Second prize: The super-duper St. Louis-a-licious second prize consists of an ARC of VENOM, an ARC of LEGACY OF TRIL: SOULBOUND by Heather Brewer and an ARC of ELEMENTAL by Antony John. Yes, we all live in St. Louis. (And you thought St. Louis was only famous for, like, beer and baseball and Nelly and crime and stuff, didn't you?)

Third prize: The we-give-out-lotsa-prizes-cuz-it's-fun third prize consists of an ARC of VENOM, assistant not included. And yes, Taz is totally licking his catlike-lips because the book is so darned juicy.

Questions??? Put them in the comments so I only have to answer them once :)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

BEA Bullet Points

The first day of BEA, in which:

*I successfully hailed my first cab (because no, last year when I just waved at and hopped in the first cab that didn't have people and the driver took pity on me and drove me uptown even though he was off-duty does not count.)

*I got freaked out by the uber-industrialness of Javits Center 5 minutes after I arrived. Helloooooo... hellooooo...helloooo... Do they build ships in this place when they're not having conferences?

*50% of my makeup sweated off in 10 minutes.

*A kajillion awesome people came down meet the Apocalypsies in the sweltering Javits dungeons (and the rest of my makeup sweated off.) Note: if you have an extremely unflattering sweaty picture of me, feel free to Photoshop :D

*Gretchen McNeil gave me hair-styling tips. Must. Get. Diffuser.

*I met a TON of awesome people--readers, writers, bloggers--and got to see my fabulous Penguin editrix again.

*I got to be a part of Teen Author Carnival and be on a panel with Barry-freaking-Lyga! (You must go buy I Hunt Killers NOW.)

*I worried that every other writer I met was funnier than me and more creative and extroverted and talented and totally had their shite together in a way that I absolutely never would.

*I decided that even if the above was true (and it's probably not), being the least funny, least creative, least extroverted (that part might be true), least talented, and least likely to ever have my shite together published author was kind of like being the lowest scoring member of an Olympic team--in short, still pretty freaking great.

I know I'm lucky to live this life.

Good night, New York.