Friday, November 23, 2012

Fiction Freak: Day 5

Hey guys. I'm hosting super-blogger Nikki Wang from Fiction Freak today as part of her Blogaversary tour. Nikki is known for thought-provoking reviews, copious tweeting, and lots of squealing. Yep, she's the best. It's all you, Nikki ------------------->

Author Love!

Everyone knows you can’t have a book without publishers and, of course, the authors. So THANK YOU to all those people who make sure that books are at their top and come up with these amazing ideas (even if it DOES empty out my pocket. It’s totally worth it. ;D)

To authors:
Thanks to all those authors who tweeted about my reviews, interviews, and more and for RTing! And a special thanks for sending me awesome tweets that made me smile! (And for the record, those books TOTALLY deserved my enthusiasm and love! They were SO good!) And especially to those authors I never talk to who made me love reading in the first place. (But is it OKAY to say BOO to those authors who bashed my negative review? Hmph.) And even if I didn’t like their books, thanks for taking the time to write them in the first place! To those authors that took the time to read my review and share them with their own little quirky messages on Facebook and Twitter. It made my day seeing them! And when y’all /they replied? I squealed so much!

AND THANKS SO MUCH!!! To those authors who sent me a copy of their book to review! I know that most authors would send copies of their books, if they could, so thanks for that too! But too a whole bunch (Gina Rosati {I PROMISE not to cut off my hand for a book now lol.}, Jennifer Echols, and SO many more!) THANK YOU for sending me a copy! I loved reading and reviewing them, and err…it also felt pretty good saying “The authors sent me this AWESOME book!” but never mind that. XD Thanks a lot again! :D

And a BIG thanks to Lili Peloquin for having dealt with my by-and-by emails filled with my reactions (AWESOME book by the way. I mean, BIGGEST. TWIST. EVER. :O) and my insistent emailing almost every day while reading lol. I know I probably annoyed you! And for sending me three hardbacks? My brain exploded. Not kidding. (Oh hey. Just saying, HINT FOR ONE OF THE PRIZES)

And last, but not least, a GIANT HUMONGOUS THANK YOU to Fiona Paul for posting this on her blog in the first place! And a whole bunch of other things. For example…
·         Writing that SO NICE paragraph for me for The Bloggy Awards! I didn’t win, but the fact that I got over 20 votes is awesome enough! And that paragraph made me squeal! I’m quite a squeal-y person, obviously.
·         For guest posting on GYDO! And an awesome post it was! Very informative *nods solemnly*
·         Interviewing me for her Bloggers Helping Bloggers series! I felt so special, honestly. :D
·         Posting my sucky fan art on her sidebar. Even though it’s sucky. No, it really is. I am SO not the best artist!
·         THE BANNER. ACK. The banner I made is ON HER BLOG. :O :O :O
·         My review. Is on. HER WEBSITE. Y’all, I did not squeal. I SCREAMED! It was so exciting because…because…Well, honestly Who WOULDN’T be?
·         For putting up with my conversation (aka my attacking her with emails and gchat messages whenever she’s on.) She’s an awesome author whose book I loved. I CANT HELP IT.
·         FOR GIVING ME THE ONLY ARC SHE BROUGHT TO TEEN AUTHOR CARNIVAL WHEN I FIRST MET HER! ACK I was so excited! I was waving it around and started reading once I was on the subway. AND she SIGNED it. *SQUEAL TIME*

Collect the hints along the Blogoversary tour at these stops, then unscramble to find when (yes, when!) to find my giveaway! My archive will be mighty important!

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(11/22) Day 4: (Friends, Rants, and Help, Oh My!)
(11/23) Day 5: (Author And Publisher Love!)
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(11/25) Day 7: (Debating? Fun!)


  1. Haha Aww I love Nikki she's so sweet and totally gets me and my insane antics ;) And it was so so fun to watch her squeal over authors lol :) HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY NIKKI YOU TOTALLY DESERVE ALL THE AUTHOR LOVE YOU GET AND I HEART YOU! :) <3333


  2. 3 hardcovers, Lili?? Way to make us all look bad :)

    And I love my banner, and my fan art. If it wasn't for you, Nikki, I wouldn't have any of either :)

  3. So nice to hear about the good relationships between authors and bloggers instead of the usual drama...

  4. YES AUTHORS AND PUBLISHERS ARE AWESOME! I'm with the Anon much drama. It's so awesome to know that authors and bloggers can be friends. :)

  5. This post was SUPER encouraging to read. It shows that writers and bloggers CAN get along. That it's not all bitch slaps snotty tweets.
    This post was also fun to read as Venom is one of my favorite YA novels and Nikki Wang's Fiction Freak is my all-time favorite blog. Happy blog birthday, Nikki!
    Lili Peloquin


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