Tuesday, October 30, 2012

#VenomReleaseParty wrap-up and WINNERS

List form because my brain is fried:

1. Thank you all so much for coming.

2. Next time I will be even more organized to cut down on the spam madness. Perhaps I will have you all send me your questions ahead of time so they only need to get answered once. That way I won't get kicked off the twitter!! :) #SpamQueen

3. Some of the winner-calls were hard to make. This person was clearly first, but she didn't respond to the right tweet. One of you had an even longer name for da Vinci that I didn't find when I researched the question. I did the best I could, tried to be fair, but admit that I am human and hope no one resents me. Boy do I have newfound respect for referees, umpires, gymnastics judges, etc.

4. It appears two answers were right on Breathless Reads question. Sapphique was in the boxed set but Across the Universe went on the tour. I made that question up on the fly because we needed another one when a winner opted not to select a prize, and I'm not sure why the touring group differed from the boxed set. I apologize. I believe @inthebestworlds clocked first with that answer, but if anyone can verify that or knows how to review the feed and can send me a screen capture I will make that right for the other winner.

5. In the coming months, I will give away at least one ARC on my blog via a Where in the World is Belladonna?? contest. I did this with Venom and people found it to be a lot of fun, so keep an eye out for that :)

6. WINNERS: (no worries if your twitter handle is a little off--due to my sloppy hurried contest scribbling--as long as YOU know who you are and I can match your address and verify your identity).

$25.00 B&N giftcard: @bookklovr22
signed VENOM HC: @YAvareads
Breathless boxed set: @kiki3138

Breathless 2-pack: @MsJessR
PaperLantern 2-pack @novelsounds
PRODIGY @Louisse_Ang
RISE @YAvareads
ORLEANS @Emzchang

Cyborg/Pixie/Editrix/Wunderkind Beth is in charge of doling out the Belladonna ARC. (I can haz only one right now, and I NEEDS it). NOTE: An ARC is not a finished product and there are a few minor blips in there and a couple of words that are not time-period appropriate, which will be changed. Feel free to email me with any other mistakes you notice. This is helpful :)


  1. Where in the World is Belladonna? You KNOW I'm there!

  2. Can't wait for WITWIB! So much fun! The party was a hit. Rock on.:D

  3. THAT PARTY WAS FUN! honestly, it felt a lot shorter than 2 hours lol. But then, time always gets sucked into Twitter!


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