Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pre-order VENOM for a chance to win big prizes!

Anyone who has already pre-ordered VENOM or does so by October 29th will receive a .PDF file of the companion story VENOMOUS, a pretty Venom desktop, and be entered in a drawing to win awesome prizes.

Click here for more info!

And, for collectors, if you pre-order from one of my local indies Left Bank Books or Main Street Books, I will sign your book. Shipping fees will apply. Be sure to call them or mention in the comments that you want an autographed a signed copy. (I still feel really pretentious using the word 'autograph'. I'm not sure that will ever go away).

If you're hoping to win a signed copy of VENOM, check out the blogs Cover Analysis and Distraction 99 as they will be featuring international giveaways this month.

P.S. Dear Blogger, thank you for not doing that highlight-y thing again.


  1. Ok, I totally think I comment too much but WHAT. O_O

    Also if I order a signed copy how much would it be? I usually order from Amazon so books are way cheaper lol.

  2. I ordered from your indie! Forgot to add that I wanted it signed though. Will give them a call. :)


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