Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Five things you might not know about Andrea Cremer and an AUTOGRAPHED BLOODROSE contest

Imagine my surprise to see a tweet from my editor sister Andrea Cremer announcing that she was in St. Louis last week. No one comes to St. Louis, especially not in January! Then again, Andrea grew up in Wisconsin and lives in Minnesota, so she's used to even colder weather.

Andrea read a passage from Bloodrose and then took questions for close to an hour. Here are a few fun things you might not know:

1. Andrea feels that as much as 50% of her readership is outside of the 'teen girl' demographic.

2. Her characters can shift from human to wolf without ripping all their pants because of a physics idea known as String Theory.

3. She used to (still does?) play World of Warcraft.

4. She is currently writing a book with awesome author/Scholastic editor David Levithan, a gig she got when she made a joke on her blog about the two of them collaborating someday. *Fiona raises her hand* Hi David. Can I be next? ;)

5. Andrea started seriously writing after a horse stomped on her foot and left her housebound for the summer. Fifteen or so months later she had a deal for Nightshade. Yay for serendipitous accidents!

Andrea and me. She's the one with the pretty red hair and awesome writer glasses. I'm the one with the awkward, camera-shy smile and stylish blue fingernails. And look, there's your AUTOGRAPHED copy of Bloodrose down in the corner.

So how do you win? Write me something 150 words or less that uses all of the following words:**

wolf's (or wolf or wolves)

Post your submission in the comments. One entry per person. I'm going to leave this open until the end of the month. You're welcome to edit or repost, but if you don't delete your old comment I'll consider your latest post your official entry. I'm making this open internationally, but if it takes three trucks, a ship, a bus, a helicopter, and a yak to go from me to you, I can't guarantee it will ever make it. Hey, all we can do is try :)

Don't freak out--this isn't an assignment for class. If it's 152 words, it's okay. It can be a story or a poem or a scene or a joke or manifesto. (I love me a good manifesto. Don't you?) Bonus points for funny or cool or creative or anything that makes me go OMG. Selection of the winner will be completely subjective, kind of like how an agent or editor reads submissions.

Questions? Tweet to me @fionadarkwaters

**I borrowed this idea from Janet Reid's blog, but it's okay because she probably borrowed it from someone else. 


  1. Okay, I know a lot of people want this autographed copy of Bloodrose, so I am wondering if you guys are shy, lazy, or waiting until the last minute to post ;)

    I am thinking it's the 3rd one, but just in case it's the 1st one, listen up:

    1. This blog has a readership of . Not many people will see what you write, and it isn't like this is your WIP.

    2. You can always delete your comment long before my book gets published and my readership is .

    3. Even if someone wanted to post some flame-y comments, which they won't, I wouldn't approve them or forward them to you or anything.

    4. Not convinced? How about I get you started with my own entry :)

    The Alpha rose up from his spot beneath the trees
    A single howl and
    The wolves moved as one.
    The entire pack weaving its way across the land
    From shade to shade
    Avoiding the bane of hunters
    Awaiting the night
    When blood would once again flow.

  2. The night was eerily quiet tonight, I thought. I guess the wolf didn't bother showing up after what I caught him doing yesterday behind the rose bushes last night. You would think being in the shade of high rose bushes and trees would hide the blood seeping through his shirt. I couldn't help but think that being a murderer was the bane of his existence. I had told him to come. . .I tried my best seductive voice through the phone. Maybe he wasn't that stupid as I hid my disappointment. He knew I wouldn't let him touch me. Suddenly, I heard rustling in the trees overhead. As I started to turn back to my car . . .everything went black except for I heard was a howl of a loner.

  3. Nice Monica. Very atmospheric :) Also, mad props for being my first entrant!

  4. Ooh only just found this. Sounds fun so... this is what I've come up with:

    There once was a wolf named Ren,
    Who always had to check in his den.
    For he was the blood brother,
    Of a sister from another mother,
    Who went to great pains,
    To make Conner Ren's life bane.
    And then one night he fell,
    To a nutjob from hell.
    And with a rose on his grave,
    He now rests eternally in the shade.

    Thank you so much for making this international. And for maing it interesting :)


  5. Snow was falling softly, night approaching, as silent paws crept steadily over the frozen earth. Searching, ears twitching, scent and sound working together as the pack approached their prey. The bane of the buck's injured leg keeping it from bolting, it sought shelter in the shade of the trees.
    The scent of fear drove the pack ever closer as it circled its target. In the flash of an instant, the wolves, a fury of teeth and claws hit their mark. Tearing into flesh and fur, the buck struggled as they brought him down, warm blood hitting the snow like rose petals.

  6. Running through the trails of falling leaves, it was autumn and the smell of fall never smelt so good. The leaves has different shade of color everywhere you look. It was becoming night soon, the wolves were gathering together. Bane, my mate was waiting for me at the other side, our blood called each other and when I finally reach the end of the trail, he presented me with a rose.

  7. Hi! Cool idea and I also want to thank you for making it international :) Here's my entry...

    In a desperate search for purpose, I lost myself to pleasure
    To an extended night so long, so lovely, revealed to be so little
    I am a delicate rose, without even a thorn
    Only indulgence, a shade of who i want to be
    I must find myself again

    Neither the dignified wolf, nor the clever fox
    There is no rush of blood, no adrenaline, no hunger
    I am the trite twin fish, ever circling myself
    My complacency my bane
    I must find the strength of water

    I must find strength in myself

  8. These are all so good! And btw, that first comment was supposed to say 'readership of not many' and 'readership is slightly more than not many'

    I have this bad habit of using greater than and less than signs for brackets, and blogger eats those apparently.

    We will close this contest on Feb 1st and then I will take a couple of days to pick a winner. I might have to ask Andrea Cremer to help!

  9. The fragile sun of December flees against the coming night
    The inhabitants of the forest watch in the fading light

    The whole world becomes covered in shade
    A maiden lays in a powdered glade

    Wolves call to the rising moon
    On this Solstice Night, it begins as a croon

    The glowing light reaches the top of the sky
    The power of Autumn finally dies

    Summer’s bane begins its rule
    The memory of heat haunts like a wandering ghoul

    Winter’s chill turns blood to ice and hope to frost
    But the beauty of the Summer Rose is not easily lost

    The girl’s eyes close as she succumbs to sleep
    Until the spirit of Spring begins to creep

  10. I walked into the shade of the tree holding my side, it would have been a beautiful day but it felt more like a nightmare. That man just.. turned into a wolf...
    Looking down I stopped a scream as I saw all the blood staining my new top, ‘I only bought this last night…’ with a giggle I realised that I was perhaps going delirious or hysterical.
    ‘Rose!’ Alex came and held me. He smelled of earth and musk, so warm and inviting… ‘Rose! Stay with me!’ He patted my cheek and I came round. ‘God, you’re the bane of my existence sometimes.’
    He lifted me into his arms, ‘did you see it?’ it was barley a whisper but I knew he heard me, he’d tensed.
    ‘Listen Rose, there’s some stuff I need to tell you…’

  11. I hope this contest is open to Canada, I would hate to pour my blood sweat and tears into this post and then find out I'm not eligible.

    Sometimes I lie awake at night and just think to my self "Why was I born in this awful country, no one ever ships here!" But then I remember how awesome Canada is...so awesome you might even see a wolf walking around with shades on.

    I swear I read the whole blog post and couldn't see any rules on countries, but my contacts are bugging my eyes..they're the bane of my existence, I could have missed it. I really should learn to stop and smell the roses once in a while.


  12. Night is coming. Katniss sits in the shade of the a tree and hopes there are no wolves anywhere nearby. And for some reason, she thinks of President Snow. The bane of her existence. His breath that smells like blood, covered up with the overly sweet scent of roses.

    Yep. I did just go all Hunger Games on ya :) Hunger Games + Nightshade = two great trilogies!

    What a fun contest!

    TweetyB99 at aol dot com

  13. Contest is now closed! Winner to be announced on 2/3. We know you have a lot of choices when flying the internet. We thank you for flying Fiona Paul Books and hope you come back and see us again :D


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