Thursday, August 2, 2012

Bloggers helping bloggers #1

Yay! I am super-excited to start my first ever blog series. For the next 3 weeks I will be doing two posts a week by bloggers, for bloggers, all about setting up a blog and getting galleys for review. My first Bloggers Helping Bloggers contributor is Brooke from Brooke Reports. Thanks for participating, Brooke!

Brooke is a hot pocket eater and fictional boy lover. She’s prone to twirling and moonwalking naked. You can find her on twitter @brookeworm33 or on blogger at

Is your blog strictly book-related? Do you have a specific angle that makes your blog stand out from other review blogs? If so what is itand why did you pick it?

Yes, my blog is absolutely book related—young adult books only!Although, sometimes I do throw in a music Monday! :)

I wouldn’t say I have a specific angle per se, but I do focus a lot on…ehem...fictional boys. I am madly in love with about seventy of them. *THUD* [Fiona: Seventy?? Yikes!]

What do you care most about--individual page hits, number of followers, or number of comments? Why?

Comments! I adore them! When I get a comment on a post, I know someone read it and felt compelled to respond. Somehow they connected with what I wrote! I could have a million followers and if none of them ever commented,what would be the point? Comments are how you meet/find other bloggers as well!

How do you feel about scathing reviews that sling insults at the author, editor, publisher, etc.? How do you feel when you get a book from an author you really like but the book is just 'not for you.' Do you still review it?

Negative reviews are always tricky, or at least they are for me. It’s rare I run into a book I don’t like but when I do I’m honest about why it didn’t work for me. As for slinging insults, that’s just ridiculous. I’ve said this before: it’s not about the author or the agent or the editor—it’s about the books, the world building, the characters, and THE STORYTELLING!

Where can book reviewers find information about who to contact at the various publishing houses? Are there other ways besides email to get ARCs and free books?

Netgalley is an online site that allows book reviewers andbloggers a chance to request an eARC! I highly recommend it! And to find out EVERYTHING you need to know about ARCs you should really check out The StorySiren’s Tips & Tricks! She breaks it all down! Other ways to get ARCs are to enter contests and giveaways! Until you get comfortable with requesting ARCs and just blogging in general, enter contests!

Just for fun: Congratulations! You were the last tribute standing at this year's Hunger Games. What fictional boy (doesn't have to be Gale or Peeta) do you hope is waiting to welcome you home? Why do you like him so much?
Oh my goodness gracious! This is a….ridiculously hard question! But I’m going to have to go with Peregrine from Veronica Rossi’s Under the Never Sky! He’s extremely rugged on the outside yet totally compassionate on the inside and *dreamy sigh* he is so, so attractive. I'm completely in love with him and can't wait for book two!


  1. LOL 70? But then again, it's hard not falling for fictional guys. My favorites constantly change depending on what mood I'm in :D

  2. Got questions for Brooke? Put 'em here :)

  3. 70 boys?? You lie - it's more like 170! lol

    I love you Brooke and great idea for your first series Fiona :-)

    1. *GASP* 170? Hmm, maybe we should ask Brooke to list these boys. Then again, I wouldn't want her to get carpal tunnel syndrome from all that typing :)

    2. BAHA! You're SO right, Karen! It's closer to 170! :P

    3. Please tell me Ash (Iron Fey) is one of em! ;D


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