Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Kitty vs' Candle***

Protagonists: the assistants, at least three times as ferocious as they are cute...

Antagonist: a candle, vanilla woods scented, half-price from Walgreens...

Rising action: My money is on the candle...

But then, just as I am about to intervene...

Climax: Tatsu lands a strong right hook!

Resolution: Behold the awesome extinguishing power of the assistants!

Assistants: 1 Candle: 0

***Note: For the aspiring PETA members in the audience, obviously I did not set up a grudge match between my lovely assistants and fire. For one, I'm not sadistic. Also, I am lazy, and setting up things sounds like a lot of work. But when the drama started to play out, I found myself transfixed. How would it all end? I just had to to know. Rest assured, no lovely assistants were injured during this activity. (However, one candle did get bitch-slapped.)


  1. Does your cat have one of those funny lion haircuts?

  2. Must get bigger candle, then see who wins.... :) Glad your assistants were ok in the telling of this soon to be short film....

  3. Yes, Lexi, a lion cut. (I get allergic. He gets hairballs. It's a win-win.)

    Jeremy, it's actually a pretty big candle, just looks small next to my 15-pound monster cat :)


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