Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Nothing to see here just yet...

But check back soon, because once I have a release date or a cover for VENOM (Penguin/Philomel, 2012) it's gonna be PANDEMONIUM! No, really. I will be posting a contest where you can win an ARC of PANDEMONIUM, generously supplied by Lauren Oliver herself. I know, right? Pretty freaking exciting :)


  1. Hi. I'm here from the Rejectionist's blog, and she's right, your book DOES sound awesome.

    Tell your technical friend, if they add Google Friend Connect (blogger's follower widget), then I'll be able to come back and read your blog when you update it.

  2. Three posts, and you're already mentioned on Le R's blog. And you did it the classy way, too - no self-promotion, just adding to the conversation.

  3. Friend connect...is that the one with all the little faces that will make me feel horribly unpopular if there aren't enough? ;)

    Le R... Not only writer of the most scathingly funny shit on the web, but also a conoisseur of fine 90's music and Manic Panic hair extensions. Yeah, I had a definite fangirl moment being recognized by her ;) I am now a for realz author-friend!

    Of course being caught without a decent blog is a little like being caught with your pants down (and that's only classy on Jersey Shore.)



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